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Long bios are boring therefore I will just give you a gist of me.


Mariano J. Tribelhorn, Swiss – Argentinian, based in Miami Beach Florida.


I graduated from the finest Hotel Management School Lausanne in Switzerland and earned my professional experience while working in luxury tier hotels for over 5 years.


My latest collaboration, is currently in Miami, where I am contibuting to the opening of Faena District. Working together with the Argentinian hotel and cultural entrepreneur Alan Faena is a true inspiration.


As a Dandy I see travelling as an education, a cultural enrichment that is essential in today's life. Therefore I live like a globetrotter, spreading the dandy culture and discovering each corner of this small world. I am someone that likes to act wide, innovative and creative. But this is just how I am, not trying to be anyone else.


I am not eccentric; it's just that I am more alive than most people

                                                                                                                                 Kat Von D


Alongside Daily Dandy, I am passionate about sports, arts & fashion. I grew up in Argentina and was surrounded by the polo culture. Probably one of the most magestic sports and for great personalities.


Do you want to get in touch with me? I will be happy to answer you personally.

Just send me a message here.

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