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MccreedyBlue in Zurich

Conor Mccreedy decided to move to Zurich leaving the noise, hustle and bustle of NYC behind. His new home base is between South Africa and Europe. With a magnificent atelier located right on the Limmat-river in Zurich’s old town, Mccreedy granted us private access to his daily life. Daily Dandy is very proud to be the first one to interview him inside the new atelier and shoot some pictures inside the private world of MccreedyBlue art creations.

He was born in Johannesburg South Africa where he attended a very prestigious private boarding school called Hilton College. During high school he won every art award. He was known by fellow students and teachers as an extremely disruptive student who always broke the rules and was described as an enigma. He soon moved to the USA where he was granted a scholarship in the University of North Carolina. He soon dropped out of school to attend the Pratt Institute of Art and Design. During those days he started to sell his art on the street. He became so good at it that street artists were asking him to please help sell their artworks. In the end it’s the art that speaks and sells itself. Since then he was living his independent art career.

Success came already in the early years. Conor became the youngest artist ever to hold a solo show in the national arts gallery in NYC. In addition to that, he is the first artist under 30 years to sell a painting for over $100’000 USD.

In 2011 Mccreedy created his own color “MccreedyBlue” the color he uses for all of his paintings. MccreedyBlue is not only a color; it is a philosophy and a way of life. A rare pigment he personally created with expert engineers and scientists. It’s formed by five or six unique blue components mixed all together creating one of the richest and most alive blue hues that are not even on a color chart yet. The MccreedyBlue color is a universal copyright and is patent pending. The color was actually invented by Mccreedy- could also classify as a pioneer? Indeed. (See the video below)

“The raw power and mysterious void of the ocean is my inspiration”

Conor Mccreedy

Here in Zurich he found another place he can call home. Mccreedy is a very private person even though he is known around the world at a tender age. He has a very private personal life and is very careful whom he lets into his personal space and private life. The privacy, the quality of life and of course sounds of the fresh Limmat-river are clearly some inspirations that encouraged him to move to Zurich and set up the working atelier.

He is not only an artist but also an entrepreneur. He always sees the positive part and is extremely ambitious to create things. You give him a brush and a piece of paper and he creates a masterpiece painting, you give him glass and he will create a chic state of the art table, a “MccreedyBlue table” that is unique and numbered to a limited edition and trademarked with a copyright number and plaque. (See image below)

As I walked through his atelier I saw lots of paintings; finished ones and ones still in the creation process. But I was amazed of how much energy, passion and expressionism is put in each single painting. His creations are evocative, powerful and alluring. They are filled with Passion, power and have a large deal of provenance behind them. From who owns them to who sells them.

P.A.L - "Protecting African Lions"

Mccreedy’s heart will always remain to Africa and to its majestic animal the lion.

Statistics show that African lions will be extinct by 2020 if we don’t stand against it.

P.A.L “Protecting African Lions” is a non-profit organization that was founded by Conor Mccreedy and established together with his friends to protect this

awe-inspiring animal. Please click here to find more about it and the ways how to become a part of this beautiful foundation.

Photos from Conor Mccreedy private atelier in Zurich are courtesy from "Max Herre Photography & Daily Dandy" ©

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