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Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad 2014

Gstaad - Switzerland

The glamorous alpine village “Gstaad” is located in the Berner Oberland and it has been the proud host of the Polo Cup since 1996 and Hublot Polo Gold Cup since 2008.

This chic Ski Resort, which is known as one of Switzerland’s finest, offers magnificent landscapes and hospitality by heart. Not only during the wintertime but also throughout the summer, Gstaad is the home of celebrities and families who are seeking relaxation and refreshment. Whether you are looking to be pampered at one of the hotel’s SPA enjoying the beautiful views of the Swiss Alps, Skiing and Mountain-biking, shopping in the picturesque boutiques or playing polo; Gstaad offers it all.

Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad 2014

The opening day saw the beautiful blue skies over the homogenous playing field, which has remained in perfect condition for the duration of the tournament.

During 4 days we could admire world-class Polo in the midst of the Swiss Alps. The competition is set with 4 different teams that play against each other on Thursday & Saturday. On Sunday‘s final the two strongest teams will compete for the title.

Thursday offered two great opening matches with impressive skills from all teams. The first day of the tournament concluded with a traditional Argentinean asado for players, petiseros, friends & partners.

On Friday there were no polo games but a beautiful parade in the heart of the village took place. Teams, players and ponies were introduced to the Polo-aficionados. Multitudes of people warmly welcomed the competitors, who travelled from around the world to play at this prestigious tournament.

The famous gala evening on Saturday after the semifinals is probably one of the most awaited parties of the year here in Gstaad. Ladies wearing their most alluring dresses and dapper looking gentlemen attend this prestigious night. Thanks to the chefs of the Gstaad Palace, the night begins with culinary highlights for dinner and moves on with dancing late into the night.

Sunday was finals day, which began with the game for third place followed by the grand final. Due to heavy rain the night before, this year’s small final was decided by penalties in order to protect the field for the first place game. The trendy “team in pink” Vicomte A won the penalty shootout against team Banque Baring Brothers Sturdza.

As the grand final approached, the stands were full with polo-aficionados cheering for the teams. It was expected to be a tight game between the titleholder Gstaad Palace and the visiting team E.I. Sturdza Investment Funds.

The game started and once again Eduardo Menendez (ARG) displayed his envious skills scoring two fabulous goals that gave team E.I. Sturdza Investment Funds an early lead. Gstaad Palace could not find the way in to the game during the first chukka due to the brilliant game combination of the visiting team. Nevertheless it was a fierce battle and the local team found their way to score 3 beautiful goals. Team E.I. Sturdza Investment Funds was victorious with the final score of 5 to 3 and was awarded the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad 2014 trophy.

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It was a tremendous tournament, thanks to the cooperation of the sponsors, the tournament organization and especially to the Swiss Polo fans that were present everyday during tournament.

We are already looking forward to the upcoming tournament next year.

For more pictures of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad 2014 click here

Polo rules, meanings & tradition

- Teams: Each team consists of four players. Nr.3, is the captain, who organizes the match. Nr.4, also known as “back”, is responsible for defense while Nr.1-2, are attackers.

- Handicap: indicates the experience of the player depending on aptitude. They range from -2 (beginner) to +10 (professional). Very few players in the world hold the highest possible handicap of +10 and most of these are Argentinians.

- Chukkas: Depending on the organization of the tournament, a polo match consists of four five or six time units known as chukkas. In Europe a match normally consists of four chukkas, each lasting 7.5 minutes (except the last one which lasts 7 minutes). At half-time there is a five-minute break where public are asked to walk on to the field and “tread in” the divots of turf carved up by the ponies’ hooves.

- Direction of play: This can be confusing to newcomers of polo but whenever a goal is scored, the direction of play switches.

- Ponies: is the term used for a Polo horse. They are smaller than usual horses and also stronger. Ponies are changed in between chukkas and each pony can be played twice but not in a consecutive way. The Argentinian polo breed still dominates. These tough little horses are masters of the sudden burst of speed. Brave and pugnacious, they are second to none in agility and alertness.

- Petisero: He is one of the most significant people in a Polo-player’s life. He knows the horses perfectly and spends the entire day with them. He trains, cleans, prepares and walks the horses. See picture below

To find out more about the tradition please have a look at the video below.

Curtesy of Polo Ralph Lauren Blackwatch©

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