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A "Frozen" story of music and showjumping

Cara Bianca Frew is a South African singer and professional show jumper.

With only 18 years of age, she was the youngest competitor to represent South Africa at the World Equestrian Games (WEG).

Earlier this year, she had again the great opportunity to represent the country she loves at the WEG in Normandy France.

Image courtesy of Cara Frew©

Cara has been riding since she was 7 years old but she also had a big passion for music. Inspired by Britney Spears at the age of 10 she started to take singing lessons and also got grade 5 for violin in Royal Schools.

Today, graduated from high school, Cara dedicates herself full-time to her life passions, professional showjumping and singing.

A few weeks ago she released her brand new EP called “Frozen”

Frozen has a very sentimental story behind it. The music takes you on journey through Cara’s life. She says it explains her feeling of being “Frozen” or stuck in her life, wanting to be somewhere else but just not moving.

Image courtesy of Cara Frew©

Today Cara admires artist such as; Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Rey or Ella Fitzgerald, who contribute in her music style. As a professional show jumper and singer, she gets the opportunity to travel a lot and to discover this beautiful world. Cara gets the inspiration of writing music when something emotional happens in her life. She wants her music to represent who she is and to reflect through the journeys and feelings that she has been through.

Video courtesy of Cara Frew©

P.A.L Foundation (Protecting African Lions)

She currently is a proud ambassador of the P.A.L. and this is what she has to say about.

“I believe strongly that it is important to preserve our natural world for us and for future generations. Wild African Lions are an endangered species, due to natural habitat loss and continued killing for various reasons. I try to help raise awareness and do what I can to encourage positive change. It is to this end that I am also a WWF ambassador with a particular focus on the Rhino problem. The two are interlinked. If we preserve land for Lions, we preserve land for Rhinos. In education people about the negative impact of primitive superstitions and control poaching for one species, preserve the other.”

To find out more about P.A.L and how to contribute please click here

Competition to win...

Did you know that South Africa has a world-class winery called Remhoogte that created a signature wine for Cara’s EP “Frozen”?

Well you will have the opportunity to win a bottle of Cara’s signature wine and a signed copy of her new album “Frozen”.

It is very simple!

Just share your most dandy image on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and hashtag with #DandyCara

Cara and I will then select our favorite image!

Image courtesy of Cara Frew©

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