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A Mccreedyblue Affair in Switzerland

My good friend and artistic pioneer Conor Mccreedy has set up his new atelier here in Zurich. He recently exhibited at the Kunst Zürich 14 with his “forgotten memories” being one of the top selected pieces from the fair, but the biggest was yet to come…

Last Thursday he launched his “Mccreedyblue Solo Exhibition” at the well-known Gallery Proarta in Zurich. This is not only a solo exhibition; it is Conor’s first solo exhibition in Switzerland. To celebrate this amazing event, Conor threw an exclusive after party in his private atelier. Daily Dandy contributed to the entire organization of this sophisticated evening. The after party was titled “A Mccreedyblue Affair”

Me with Maja Bernau and Guests at a Mccreedyblue Affair in Zurich ©Getty Images

(Bow tie: Hackett, Suit: Hugo Boss)

Indeed; it was a Mccreedyblue Affair, masquerade guests, blue dresses, champagne, Martinis mixed from the best barman in Zurich and live music in a very unique atmosphere. Guests called it the best party in Zurich since a long time. They were treated to VIP shuttle services from the gallery straight to the atelier. Private security and bodyguards escorted the vip quests down a blue velvet carpet into the atelier with magical flames burning outside. Over 200 blue balloons adorned the railings of the balconies while female and male models dressed in ripped pieces of Mccreedyblue paintings served fine champagne at the entrance.

©Getty Images

Unique mint trays were scattered on every floor, models pushing around chocolate carts and canapés were being served all evening by Zurich’s finest Christ Gretener Catering. There was certainly and eloquent sufficiency. Each floor of Mccreedy’s atelier was a different live experience with different performances. The fresh smell of Lillie’s lingered throughout the building. Over 200 giant white lilies were ordered in from Holland and opened the night before the party to leave a scent so beautiful it became intoxicating and exhilarating. There was definitely no better way to kick off this fabulous exhibition.

"The Laws of Life" ©Conor Mccreedy

The exhibition at Gallery Proarta will be open to public from November 7 until December 24, 2014. Make sure to pass by!

Live Martinis from the best barman in Zurich

Conor and friends at the Mccreedyblue affair

Bow tie and square pockett from Hackett, suit from Hugo Boss

To a great party and new beginnings...

Me with friends and Chris Gretener Catering

Conor with Trudie Goetz

All pictures courtesy of ©Conor Mccreedy

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