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Berlin City Guide

Berlin daytrip

Berlin, a great and pulsating city. I spent here one entire day before heading to St. Moritz for the Snow Polo World Cup upcoming weekend. Even thought I was there to visit some art galleries, I still found some time to discover a few exciting places too.

Have a look at my “1 day in Berlin – What to do”. You will find all the must visit places beside the main historical attractions. Enjoy it!

Galerie Sprüth Magers

One of the most influencing galleries in Berlin and probably the greatest I visited. Currently exhibiting Walter Dahn, I saw it myself and highly recommend you to check it out.

The bread exchange

Started by the Swedish Malin Elmlid, she learnt to make bread by many different bakers around the globe. Then she came back to Berlin and started to trade bread in exchange of other goods. Those goods should be things that inspire her and that will bring her further. In my opinion a super cool concept and defenitely worht to give her a visit.

Aesop Berlin

Every Aesop store, has a piece of history and art. The store in Berlin is one of my favourites. The green and the factory-like architecture makes it very unique. Aesop is an Australian organic skincare product line.

Café Einstein

The traditional morning coffee place to be. Grab a newspaper, order an espresso and lay back. It is very well possible to meet some acquaintances and have a chat over another coffee with them.

Sammlung Boros “Bunker”

Probably this is Berlin’s best-kept secret. The Bunker “Cave” as it is known in Berlin, has one of the most impressive private art collections of the country. Ask for a personal tour. Do not leave without finding the girl graffiti on one of the outside Bunker’s walls.

Saigon Green Berlin

Berlin wouldn’t be Berlin without the Asian restaurants. You cannot leave Berlin, without eating in one of the cities Vietnamese restaurants. Saigon Green in Charlotenburg is casual, trendy, crowded, fast and delicious. If you’re looking for a quick lunch surrounded by locals, well this is the place to be.

xXx Berlin Concept Store

This mysterious shop, clearly defines Berlin’s eccentricity. The unique location, the design and layout make it so different from any other shop. I hope you like Black n’ White.

Berlin Street Art

Walking through Berlin you will see thousands of graffiti painted walls “Street Art. Some of those have strong influences and are internationally known. Take a moment to enjoy those historical pieces of art.

Bar Tausend

Nestled under a bridge behind a big black door. Exactly, just knock the door and enter this intriguing place. Nights here are long and attended by Berlin’s high society. Good drinks, good DJ’s and central location. This kind of bars, make Berlin such a interesting city with hidden secrets.

Cookies Cream

The restaurant is unseen in a dark road, illuminated only by a huge chandelier. You will walk past by trash containers and graffiti’s. Located in an old fabric you will find a small door with a sign “Cookies Cream”. A culinary vegetarian restaurant, where the cities best DJ’s will encourage you to dance off the night after dinner. Decorated only in cement ceilings and walls, candles and flowers.

I hope you liked it and just write me a line if you wish to know more about it. Keep you posted from St. Moritz during the weekend!

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