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Saturday Semi Final - Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz 2015

Saturday – Semifinals day in beautiful St. Moritz.

Conditions were magnificent, sun was shining, the snow & ice on the field was firm providing ideal polo conditions. In the first match of the day, Cartier took on the local team Badrutt's Palace and came out with a victory. The second match took place between BMW and the fashion team Trois Pommes. The polo was at a highclass level and spectators enjoyed exciting games. There was a fabulous atmosphere on the field, live music, champagne and happy people. For more images click here.

After the match, Lucas (Argentinian world class Polo Player) from the BMW team came by for a personal interview with Daily Dandy.

He’s been coming back to St. Moritz for more than 8 years and he loves to return to this great Tournament in the Swiss Alps. He says that he kind of created a special relationship with the tournament, players and the town. Besides Polo, he enjoys skiing here.

During the interview we also talked about the importance of having a good Polo Manager. Julian, Luca's personal manager organizes all the Petiseros and ponies before the games and during travelling. "It is essential - all this would not be possible without a good manager, he's my right hand" – says Lucas.

Though the polo games are over, the day is not done yet. Saturday night was the Snow Polo Gala Night at the famous Badrutt's Palace. It started with an aperitif and fashion show hosted by the Swiss fashion house Trois Pommes presented by Truddie Goetz and former Miss Switzerland Christa Rigozzi. One great thing about Snow Polo St. Moritz is the camaraderie with people from all over the world.

The night was followed with dancing late into the night at “King’s Club” in Badrutt's Palace. It was a great evening with Tutti Wolfensberger from Polo Park Zurich and the rest of the players. I would also like to thank Truddie from Trois Pommes for the fabulous fashion show and Christa Rigozzi for the sublime presentation.

Now it's time for Sunday’s final. We'll keep you posted and embrace the Daily Dandy Lifestyle!

Have a look at the private gallery here

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