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Daily Dandy & Vicomte A.

You may know Vicomte A. from my post about it some weeks ago. Since then, my relation to this brand has grown significantly and I couldn’t be happier about this encounter.

Now in sunny Miami Beach, I am delighted to announce the beginning of an official partnership between Vicomte A. & Daily Dandy.

The label truly relates to my vision, culture and flair of the Dandy lifestyle. It is royalty related and rich in tradition even though it is still very young. Plus the story of it starts before the brand was created; the passion and enthusiasm put into this label are tremendous and that reflects on the style and quality of every garment.

I highly appreciate this kind of things in common, small, unique and sophisticated communities who share and live the same values. Another nice fact is the connection between the Dandy philosophy and the French Couture, which both date back to the 70s and both started in Paris, now known as the world capital for fashion.

© Steve Blaine Photography

© Vicomte A.

With Vicomte A. I found a brand that exactly matches what I am looking for: It’s colorful, fun, elegant, refined, cheerful and classy. It simply get’s your look ready for any situation.

Here in Miami Beach, the boutique owners Marine & Nicolas have done an outstanding job. The boutique is vibrant, elegant and blissful. They have been in the fashion industry for many years, moving from one big capital to another, including the fashion metropolis of Paris and New York.

All those years of experience are now put into practice here in Miami Beach.

© Steve Blaine Photography

© Steve Blaine Photography

As for now I want to thanks Vicomte A. for this opportunity and engagement.

Have a look at the special dedicated Vicomte A. gallery here; you will find all the current collection and pictures of the boutique in Miami Beach.

For online shopping click here.

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