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Urban Ballet - By JR

I’m passionate about arts and culture and I support those activities - I think they contribute to a person’s general knowledge.

In my opinion, Ballet is art, sport and an extremely demanding profession. Whenever I have an opportunity, I attend shows and I also have many friends who are Ballet dancers. I like classical ballets the most, the stories behind are often so deep and meaningful. However, I am not an old-style close-minded person, I like innovation and can appreciate improvement and new interpretations of an old craft.

I came across this video the other day and I was amazed - so much that I thought I’d share it with you all.

What I especially like about this video is the combination of street art, classical ballet and history. Again here, we also have combination of music and the original city scenes that make the entire project as urban as the name itself says.

This provides an opportunity also to attract a wider and especially a younger community.


JR stands for “Just Ridiculous”, a French artist whose original name is not known. He is the owner of the biggest art gallery in the world because he freely exhibits art in the streets of the world. In doing so, he captures the attention of people who are not regular museum visitors. His work exemplifies art and talks about commitment, freedom, and identity.

It all started as he was riding the subway in Paris and suddenly found a camera that was left behind. He learnt to take photographs and was amazed by street art. JR completed a European tour of street art, to familiarize himself with people who communicate messages via walls. Watching the people and life from the forbidden undergrounds and roofs of Paris - he started working on the vertical limits.

Take a minute and look at this video to better understand what JR does and what he created together with the New York City Ballet, which I truly believe it is simply magnificent.

JR gets his inspiration from what’s happening in the world. When he communicates something, he communicates it strongly and deeply. He’s photographs are printed in black and white and in extra-large sizes. Then it’s just glue and paper: he selects specific, villages, houses and buildings and then glues the images to those walls. Walls are JR’s canvas to create masterpieces.

To have a look at his work click here

All Images & Videos © of JR and ©NYC

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