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U.S. Open Polo Final 2015

Last Sunday the 111th U.S Open Polo Final took place at the breathtaking International Polo Club Palm Beach. We couldn’t ask for a better final than the matchup Orchard Hill vs. Valiente, both 26 goal handicap teams. Orchard Hills features the Pieres duo who are ranked among the highest handicaps in the Polo world and Valiente includes Adolfo Cambiaso, known to be the greatest player in the history of the sport. Orchard Hills strode confidently into the finals with an impressive 13-2 record season. Valiente though had to fight its way to the finals with an injured Adolfo Cambiaso and only a 6-6 record.

Valiente vs Orchard Hills

Facundo Pieres in action during the U.S. Open Championship Final

It was a fabulous day over the fields in wellington, sunshine heating up the atmosphere and a record-breaking crowd in attendance. It was my first time at this fantastic club. Following the European Snow Polo Season, I arrived for the end of the U.S Polo season. After a tour of the property, I enjoyed the first half of the match tailgating with close friends and savoring some traditional Argentine beef.

A hard fought match from the first minute on. Even though Polo is a gentlemanly sport and most players have strong friendships, when it comes to the match, especially at this level, you can see the rivalry. The match stayed very tight and Orchard Hills was usually leading by 1 goal. Valiente always equaled back and saw some amazing saves from Adolfo.


Walking the field - shirt, hat and trousers by Vicomte A

After the first half, Valiente was leading 7-5 for the first time in the match and it was time for stomping divots and mingling on the field. This is the time of the game when you meet all your friends and get together for a few minutes. I finally got to meet the wonderful Diana from Polo People Places Blog, we’ve been in touch for a while now, discussing polo. She’s got a fantastic blog that always takes you on a journey of her life. As Veuve Clicquot was present once again and they always do a fabulous job providing us with fine champagne, we had to get a shot with it.

This is also great opportunity for fashionistas to show their "haute & colorful couture". Even though I come here to enjoy the Polo, I am thankful to Vicomte A Miami Beach for always keeping me elegant and dapper.


With Diana from Polo People Places Blog

The second half of the match began with an extremely strong appearance from Orchard Hills. The Pieres duo looked hungry to come back strongly into the match, and they did. The match went on, spectators were captivated by rocketing points, sharp plays and artistic saves. Also, I can’t forget to mention the ponies – it was beautiful to see those majestic horses run around the field. Their acceleration and coordination is flawless and impressive. Ponies are a player’s most important companion – why? Because they contribute to player performance on the field. For people who think that horses suffer and are poorly treated while playing polo, then you’re wrong. The animals enjoying playing the game and the petiseros make sure to give them the best comfort before, during and after the game.


Team Orchard Hills vs Valiente - U.S. Open Championship Final

After three straight final attempts by Valiente, it was time for a victory. They won the hard-fought battle 11-9. It was a pleasure to see the team come out as the winners, with Adolfo being 40 years old and still writing history. To celebrate this magnificent day, we all got together for a pool party, asado and wine at the International Polo Club country house afterward.


With Adolfo Cambiaso - Greatest Player in History of Polo - A true honor

My special thanks go also to my friend Steve "Blainephotography" for the sensational pictures.

Have a look at the U.S. Open Polo Image Gallery here

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