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Ocean Story Jewels joins Daily Dandy

This time I introduce you to a small bracelet company from Germany. The Daily Dandy Community is growing day by day, and I couldn’t be happier to count Ocean Story Jewels as a part of the family.

Ocean Story creates fabulous hand manufactured sailing bracelets for everyone that feels connected to the beach and ocean. Or, simply for someone who’s looking for an elegant, meaningful piece of jewelry.


The bracelets are made out of real sailing rope and closed by a massive silver or gold anchor that can be engraved with your personal message. Each single bracelet is passionate, handmade and manufactured in Germany using only the finest materials. These characteristics make each piece astoundingly precious. The anchor stands for a symbol of fidelity, stability, hope, persistence and confidence. In my opinion each of these characteristics has a strong meaning and serve as pillars of a balanced life.


I grew up surrounded by lakes and the ocean, then it was Alps and snow, and today I am back in the ocean. Recently moving to Miami Beach, I could not think of a better place to be American Ambassador of Ocean Story. My Fiji Green and Maui Blue Ocean Story silver bracelets are perfect for every occasion and always a perfect detail to complete my look. The bracelets are elegant and fine, perfect to wear everyday and still keeping it classy.



The company was established one year ago by goldsmith Rebecca Buschhütter. Her inspiration to create these unique jewels related to the ocean came as she worked toward her sailing license. Rebecca has always had a deep passion for water sports and envisioned creating something everlastingly linked to the ocean. It should be something meaningful, something that people can carry with them in order to feel the ocean feeling. “When I think about Ocean Story, I can feel the wind on the open sea, freedom, adventure, fun and calmness” - Says Rebecca

I would like to thank my friend Steve Blaine for fantastic pictures and the fun time shooting at the harbor the other day. Have a look at his webpage here truly sensational pictures.

For more information about the bracelets contact me here.


More images of the Ocean Story collection here

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