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Triumph of my Life

I really wanted to share this short story with all of you. I came across it today and I really liked it. I always say that there are more important things than our personal goals. Sometimes we have to sacrifice ourselves in order to do well and make others happy. What we don’t realize is that making those others happy, means the world to them and it only takes very little from our part. Have a look at this story.

Martin Passeri is an Argentine professional surfer and counts to one of South America’s most successful in the sport. He is no stranger to the podium and has collected 5 National Argentine titles in his career. The crowd was not expecting nothing else than another victory at the previous championship but things went a little different…

For a five-time Argentine surf champion, one might think that winning the national Argentine Surf Championship would be the ultimate career high. Not so for surfer Martín Passeri, who recently surprised everyone when the surfer made an unexpected decision: when he was called to compete, instead of racing to the water, he stopped short.

Nicolás Gallegos was watching the event from his wheelchair. When he was 18 an accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. His life-long dream, cut short, had been to one day become a surfer. Twenty years later, his dream became real.

Passeri, making a career changing decision, taps Nicolas on the shoulder and offers him a ride he can’t refuse—the surf champion wanted to help him catch his first wave. With the world stage looking on, Reef captured this unprecedented and selfless act. Take few minutes and watch the video below, it's worth it.

Acting against the rules, Martín was disqualified from the championship, but the sentiment he expressed when he reached shore was befitting a champion: “I believe that was the best wave, and the biggest triumph of my life.”

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