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Happy Birthday Daily Dandy

Today, Sunday the 21st of June 2015 is a very special day. Not only because it is the end of an incredible Art Basel but also because on this exact day one year ago Daily Dandy was born. We have been embracing the Daily Dandy Lifestyle now for one year officially. Happy Birthday!


This is an opportunity to say a big thank you to all of you, for without your continuous support and interest this would not have been possible.

It was an exciting first year for the Daily Dandy community - attending many signature events, forming partnerships with some outstanding classy partners, across 2 continents, 2 time zones, and many different cultures. In my journeys, I’ve had the chance to meet amazing people, many of whom have become true friends or even family. This is a passion and why I enjoy being on the road and writing as Daily Dandy.

Since this is a very special moment for all of us, we should celebrate this day in an exclusive way. I am extremely happy to share with all of you this fabulous drawing from Charline Poncet of Paris. Charline created this one exclusively for the one-year anniversary of Daily Dandy.

What I love about this drawing is the whole meaning behind it. It represents the Daily Dandy Lifestyle and everything I did or everywhere I’ve gone this past year. It conveys my values and vision. It is a fantastic image and one that is very meaningful to me.

Special thanks to Charline! You’re extremely talented and I encourage everyone to have a look at this young artist work and look forward to many more projects together.

Thanks to all of you, I am looking forward to many great places, exciting moments, people, art, polo and amazing journeys. This is the motivation.

Have a look at this incredible year here.

As always remember to embrace the Daily Dandy Lifestyle.

Talk to all of you soon.

Mariano J. Tribelhorn

Daily Dandy

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