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Wynwood - Art Walk

This intriguing neighborhood in Greater Miami has become one of my favorite places to hang out in the city. Nowadays different art galleries have opened its doors and it is one of the world’s largest open-air art installations.

Since 2009, the Wynwood Arts District Association has actively worked to improve the district, contributing to one of the largest creative communities in the USA.

The artistic neighborhood took over what was formerly the industrial and manufacturing area of Miami. Old warehouses, broken factories and abandoned buildings have been refurbished and transformed into over 70 stores, galleries, ateliers, restaurants and bars.

The district is now home to world renowned street-art artists from around the globe also a recreational space for every individual – there is a great balance of art, culture and history.

Steve Blaine ©

Every second Saturday is the Wynwood Art Walk, a pulsating night where galleries open their doors to the public featuring live music and food trucks. Wynwood Art Walk is a vibrant night that should definitely be experienced at least once. I attended the previous art walk with a group of friends among them, Steve Blaine who took all those great pictures, so you may want to look him up here.

Steve Blaine ©

I couldn't go home before having a bite at the food truck scene. Because there was plenty of choice, I chose my 2 favorite ones. First I went for "Lobsta Guy", they make delicious lobster sandwiches. After that I moved on to the second truck which is Woody's Burgers. As the name itself says, they make some of Miami's best burgers and trust me I've been trying out a few since in town. Therefore, if you opt for the food trucks make sure to try those two out, because you won't regret it.

Steve Blaine ©

In order to give you an overview of the district I will be featuring a Guide to Wynwood with all my places of choice in the next few days…

So stay tuned and embrace the #dailydandylifestyle!

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