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Arnold Steiner

I came across this Miami based fashion brand while walking around in Wynwood. There was this shop called Mimo's Market, which looked really neat so I walked in and there I saw them.

Arnold Steiner is a local designer for men accessories such as; ties and square pockets. His designs communicate a message to Miami's society, they encourage to dress appropriate even though the high temperatures.

My appreciation for unique things is also for small, local or new coming brands & products. Because I was keen to know more about the brand, the concept and story behind it, I met with Arnold for an interview.

He started designing fashion while studying at the School of Visual Arts in New York. By that time Arnold was freelancing as a graphic desinger for global known apparel brands.

The "Huddart" silk pocket square is Arnold's favorite piece. For this design, he got inspired from Naval Captain Joseph Huddart. Huddart was an influential captain that developed the three-arm protactor to plot the position of boats on a navigational chart. Saying that, this pocket square is at the same time the reference of a historical achievement. Arnold believes that everyone should carry his pocket squares close to their heart, like the ones you love.

According to the Miami native, Miami is a beautiful city with an outstanning community. But Steiner's main goal, will remain on bringing that gentleman look back to the beach. Back to the elegant old days with the modern touch of today's society.

You can compare elegance with aerodynamics. Aerodynamics is the interaction between the air and solid bodies moving through it. Elegance is the interaction between life and how a person moves gracefully through it.

The other day I wrote about Wynwood, the urban art district and I was wondering why Arnold has chosen to sell his products in this specific neighborhoos. "Wynwood has become the epicenter along with the design district for art, music and fashion. It only make sense to be connected with shops in these locations to reach the community" - Arnold Steiner

In my opinion we are all references. We all communicate a message depending the way we dress and wearing an Arnold Steiner Accessory we can be sure to give the right image.

Get inspired and have a look at the entire collection here.

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