• Shannon Woodcock

The Rug Company - NYC

Third Eye Blind said, "I believe in the sand beneath my toes..." but [even as a devout 3rd Eye fan] what I'm believing in these days is the hand-loomed, 100-knot silk beneath my piggly-wigglies.

Clearly I've been drinking the NYC cool-aid. But who cares? This evening, Erin at The Rug Company was kind enough to invite a colleague and I in for some bubbles and rugs in their Soho showroom. Pop a bottle, touch some carpet. My kind of evening.

What's cool about The Rug Company is that they are exactly what they say they are. You can walk in and hand them your own sketch on a bar napkin from down the street, or you can walk in and choose from stunning original designs by Jonathan Adler, Paul Smith, Alexander McQueen, and other gifted designers who you had no idea dabbled in the textile industry.

Everything you could ever want on the floor, for the floor. I would even sleep on these floors. Maybe. Under certain conditions. But anyhow, there's an unlimited number of custom reasons why this Soho spot would be an obvious first stop for anyone feeling a little [ahem] bare down there.

More about these amazing designs and responsible products at:

©The Rug Company - Soho Showroom

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