• Shannon Woodcock


When people ask my age, I caveat my response by explaining that growing up in Vermont can be comparable to spending your formidable years in a time capsule. Side effects include: feelings of claustrophobia in population densities above a certain metric, disambiguation from generationally-similar individuals, baffling confusion/disgust upon the mention of some lady named "Aunt Jemima" (wtf?), eggs containing yellow yolks (in poor substitution of orange), billboards, Ben and Jerry outsourcing production, acute disdain for tourists (apologies, episodes tend to be short and infrequent), light pollution, and highways containing more than two lanes.

That being said, I love these pieces on sale at The Marina which is just a hop skip and a jump from the lovely West Dummerston Covered Bridge, stretching across the West River (excellent for champaign-fueled tubing excursions).

View from the bridge

"Shuffleboard Island"

"Campaign in the Jello Islands"

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