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Paris like a local - City Guide

Daily Dandy - Paris like a local City Guide

Paris the city of lovers, art, fashion and lots of annoying tourist traps… But, with this exclusive Daily Dandy City Guide you will experience Paris like a true Parisian!

It seems like the perfect city - however you can quickly find yourself immersed in a nightmare if you don’t know where to go. Whether it is encountering bad food (even if France is famous for its cuisine) or waiting in line for hours to see something because you pick an inopportune time.

Read our guide and plan your next trip to this beautiful metropole.

Jardin des Tuilleries

Season to travel: first of all, consider which season you plan to travel. Personally, I prefer Paris during fall. The weather is great because it’s not too cold and not too warm, which is perfect for strolling around the city and the parks.

Where to stay: you should try to stay within the city center. If you want to treat yourself, pick the Mandarin Oriental on Rue Saint Honoré. Even though it’s in the middle of all the “madness”, this place is an oasis of serenity and it’s close to some of Paris’ most iconic monuments. You may also consider hotel Les Bains, an artistic, design hotel situated in a very trendy and central location. The design is great and the hipster chic staff are one of its kind. At night this becomes the place to be! – and the best, it offers great price deals!

Epicurean experience: be careful to avoid the most common tourist traps because the food will be terrible and so will the staff.

I like the bistros one would never walk into because they look awful from outside but they’re hidden gems - the best in quality where it counts. For lunch, go to Bistrot des Halles. They are famous for their wine cellar. Have the lentils with pork and, since you are in Paris, a bottle of white with lunch is no sin, so treat yourself! Santè les Amis!

For dinner, you should definitely check out Vivant. This is a vibrant & tiny place with young chefs and innovative dishes. Their menu changes every night!

After dinner, wander around Paris’ old streets and savor a coriander & mezcal cocktail at the Experimental bar.

Culture: Well I guess you have to see Le tour d’Eiffel if you travel to Paris - but don’t waste all your time there! Move to Le Marais in the 3rd arrondisement and visit Galerie Perrotin which is currently showcasing "DECADE. Portrait d'une generation" a JR art exhibition.

I justsay mind blowing! This area has lots of small side streets, parks and new designer boutiques.

Some shopping inspiration: If you are already in Le Marais, you can certainly shop there too – with a lot to choose from. Visit my favorite shoes at Bobbies boutique and I can assure you, those shoes will make you happy. When in Rue Saint Honoré, stop by at Colette: a very neat concept store where you literally find everything. Oh and wait in Paris on a Sunday and looking for something out of the ordinary? Well the answer is Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen! (Paris flea market)

Now what you should do is to, pack your bags, book your ticket to Paris, fall in love! In that order. And if there are any questions left just drop us a line here and will take you further into the Parisian Daily Dandy lifestyle.

Special thanks to my friend Steve Blaine of Blainetography for the great pictures!

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