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Meet Lauren Katzakian

I'm very happy to introduce you to Lauren Katzakian, who joins the Daily Dandy Family as Creative Associate in "Fashion & Culture".

Lauren is born and raised in CA, currently residing in Los Angeles, however she hasn't been known to stay in one place for too long.

Beginning with two study abroad programs during her undergrad and law school studies, Lauren took on vast explorations of Europe while based in Firenze, Italy for six months, and Nice, France for four months.

The travel bug comes on often, and even with a busy schedule as a business professional in the entertainment and music industry, she still tries to escape to new cities and cultures as often as possible.

Her favorite thing to do while exploring new cities, you ask?! Wandering art museums, finding the BEST shopping in town, touring beautiful cathedrals and other scenic attractions, and frequenting charming cafes with her every day fixes: lattes and pain au chocolats!

Lauren plans to continue to spend all of her free time creating content in the worlds of fashion and art, and continuing to be as present as possible throughout her adventures.

You may follow her adventures through selfies and social activities, in her true L.A. fashion!

Besides the "yet to be unveiled" amazing stories from Lauren, you may check out her profile here or follow her instagram The Haute West

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