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The Broad - L.A.

The Broad: L.A. Opens its Latest and Greatest Contemporary Art Museum

L.A. officially made its mark in innovative architecture and a world-class contemporary art collection when the Broad opened its doors in October 2015, downtown Los Angeles. The $140M building was donated by Eli and Edythe Broad, and the captivating and intriguing collection does not disappoint, with over 2,000 post-war and current works of art under its “vault and veil” structure.

Courtesy of the Broad L.A. ©

I called one of my most creative and cultured friends in town to join me in exploring the new museum over the weekend. Although the line was somewhat long, the wait was certainly worth what stood behind the doors of the Broad. After sipping a coffee and inching forward, we finally gained entrance (free!) and began a new, and very fulfilling experience.

Glenn Ligon - "America"

I have to admit, being an artist myself, there are still times when I walk through a contemporary or modern art museum, and my overall feeling is a little perplexed and a lot unconnected. Sometimes the content, as open as I attempt to be, is just so'out-there' that it can be hard to emotionally connect. Oftentimes, modern art contains a very vulgar undertone. This was surely not the case with the Broad. Every corner turned, was something cool and interesting to be found. I discovered countless colors, shapes, materials and paintings which made me excited, delighted and brought a positive emotion to my soul. For me, art is about invoking a feeling over a human being, and the feeling that came from works living in the Broad was one I gladly welcomed.

Artists in the Broad collection range from Warhol and Jasper Johns (my long-standing favorite artist) to my newly found idles Jeff Koons and Lari Pittman.

The Broad is a MUST-DO for anyone spending time in L.A. After your exploring is done, check out near by restaurants Bestia (Pasta!) and/or Bottega Louie (Macarons!) for the best eats DTLA.

What a wonderful evening spent in L.A., gone wandering in the Broad.

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