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Daily Dandy Cocktail of the Month

I'm very happy to present you the Daily Dandy Cocktail of the Month which will be launched Saturday, 26 of March at Le Raymond in Zurich.

This idea came to my mind a while ago already. I thought it would be cool to have a cocktail that represents the Daily Dandy. A drink that is related to the dandy, a drink with values, with history and with heritage.

I'm believe that a drink can say a lot about the one drinking it, it actually describes the person.

There is nothing nicer than enjoying a perfectly crafted cocktail by a cool barmaid in a nice bar. To find such a bar, thee is nothing more exciting than to go out scouting and discover the local scene.

I'm very happy to introduce you Le Raymond and Ester who is THE Barmaid in town!

From the moment I walked in this bar, I thought: "That's it, this is the place where I want the Daily Dandy Cokctail of the Month to be launched".

So which cocktail are we talking about?

Obviously the Negroni which also happens to be my favorite!

It is a classic and elegant aperitif from Milano.

It is THE Daily Dandy Cocktail of March!

Ester will craft 4 different stunning versions of it and take you on a dandy journey.

Let's get together, drink Negronis, mingle and have a fun night!

Where? Le Raymond near Paradeplatz

When? Saturday, 26 March 2016

Time? From 6.30 pm until late...

Tell your folks, come to Le Raymond and be a Dandy! On this occasion I would like to thanks my good friend Pascal who is the Artistic Designer from all this great videos and banners and who spend hours working hard to make this event happen. Thanks also the entire Le Raymond Family for being so Dandy and last but not least...

Obviously to all of you who will be joining us on Saturday!

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