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Romain Jerome

I’m happy to announce that Daily Dandy has now started a partnership with

RJ-Romain Jerome Watches.

The whole idea started when I first met Manuel “CEO of RJ” a few months back at Soho House Miami. Since both us (Daily Dandy and RJ) represent a contemporary philosophy yet with traditional values, we thought it would be fun to partner up.

I got into the idea right away and I'm thrilled to count RJ-Romain Jerome as another distinguished family member.

What makes RJ-Romain Jerome so unique?

It’s their distinctive approach to traditional Swiss horology! Since 2004 the Geneva based watch manufacture is expressing raw energy and contemporary philosophy through its designs. They masterfully create historical timepieces with the DNA of famous legends.

"RJ celebrates legends and iconic figures of our era into high-end luxury timepieces."

Limited Pieces only

Each of RJ's watches are limited to a certain amount. That means that their design and limited production will automatically distinguish you from the rest. There is a little twist of innovation in each of their watches but they still keep the quality and tradition of Swiss Haute Horlogerie.

Keep in touch

Follow my adventures as I take my RJ Skylab Heavy Metal around the world and stay tuned to discover the new collection that was launched at Basel World!

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