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Should we follow the ones who don't want to be followed?

Last month while I was on my way to Paris, I was reading an article in Elle Magazine. This particular article was written by the Danish fashion expert Uffe Burchard and in the article he was explaining his expectations for the Summer/Spring collection, 2016.

He briefly mentions the dramatic manifest “the fashion is dead” by Ledewij Edelkoort’s, and then describes how the mantra has become modern to both follow and to talk about.

He also talks how Christian Dior and other iconic fashion houses have gone out and said that there’s no time for creativity in the fashion business because of the industries so called “fast-fashion” fight against time.

Therefore, we, fashion enthusiastic home-sapiens, are left without any sense of direction and according to Uffe Burchard, Paris is to blame.

“Who are we going to copy now?” Uffe says. That sentence got me thinking.

Is it really true, that creativity is gone for good and all are fashion interested instagramers now? Will they have any new trends to show us?

No!... because luckily I’ve heard a little bird sing about a new trend called “Unique”.

The trend is about how we all have to be special and fantastic in our own unique way.

I asked myself, how are we going to manage that? Some people might find it difficult to assess when something is fashionable. When it’s usually someone from another continent telling us through social media.

What about those who simply don't use more than ten minutes at the dentists waiting room, to scroll through a whole fashion magazine? Those who doesn’t get influenced by the newest fashion and who doesn’t want to be “colouring within the lines”?

Maybe they are the ones that are truly unique

Should we really follow the ones who don’t want to be followed?

They simply decide what they like to wear in terms of style and if they want, they can colour way beyond the lines. Is that not what truly makes us unique?

The rest of my flight home, I decided to have a look around. I looked at those who stood out of a crowd and what was about them that made them interesting and unique.

Unique is something that all of us are. So I say, turn it up and show the world that you dare to be different. I know people who dares and I think that they are worth noticing and getting inspiration from. So I’d like to bring on some examples.

Meet Glenn

Glenn is the lead singer in the band The New Investors (btw, check them out if you haven’t yet) -​ .

I went to Paris with Glenn, because I was invited on their tour.

The first evening we were discussing what the guys should be wearing on stage and Glenn showed me his bright yellow sweater. I totally loved that and found it incredibly awesome!

When there is more than one colour at the same time, I find it very exciting and it gives a special energy, if you ask me. Also even though I’m aware that many people (especially in Copenhagen, where I come from), prefer black colours as a safer choice. But honestly, it would be a lot more fun if the colours were shining through when you walk down the main street. It doesn’t have to be a crazy and uncontrollable decadence.

This is my older brother, Christian.

Christian almost clapped his huge hands, when I told him about “fashion is dead”.

His exact words were; “Finally I get peace from other people’s judgements and comments on what they think I should wear or not wear.”

I must admit, that a part of me got offended, but I couldn’t stop smiling because as long as I can remember, Christian always hated everything about shopping or looking for smart clothes, trends and styles. He has always just been wearing what he liked, regardless what other people thought.

My brother is a teacher and once he had to teach his fifth-graders how important it is to maintain the environment and how important it is to pick up your trash, he showed up wearing this:

This past winter, I was in Paris listening to a colleague "Ledewij Edelkoort", who was talking about SS/17 and funny enough, he said that clothes will be made with inspiration of old uniforms. Everything from gardeners to old servant’s uniforms. So listen up people, here is your Inspirations if you want start the upcoming trend in advance.

Here we have Therese.

Therese is her own and only. Her personality is just as charming as her outfits. She picks what she wants to wear, because she thinks its cool. It definitely shines through, when you see her excitement and satisfaction in her choices. That beats any ruleset there could possibly be.

“As long as you believe it, others will too” – An old quote, but it is still as “correct” as your old worn-out over-sized sweater. So put it on, love it and wear it proud! Should you be in doubt, then glam it up whit a pair of high heels. That always make it work just a little bit better!

Louise Helena Rosander

Student at Fashion Design Academy Copenhagen

Instagram: @Louiserosander.

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