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Preview Art Unlimited - Art Basel'16

This year's Art Basel opened its doors for the First Choice VIP holders with a preview from Monday till Wednesday and I had a look around before it went public earlier this morning.

Due to the current security situation, Art Basel implemented new security screening that lead visitors to long line ups in the pouring rain. The good thing is that thanks to Oscar Tuazon's site specific installation, visitors could shelter inside "Zome Alloy" wooden house.

The Art Unlimited sector was fantastically curated by Gianni Jetzer, which includes a good amount of works that are strong and political influenced due to the current world situation. This was also mentioned by Art Basel Director Marc Spiegler: "This show takes place within a more dynamic moment than last year's. There are political elections and major referendums coming at us, mass migration within Europe, and economic uncertainties. My experience tells me that these kinds of times or these interesting kinds of times generate a stronger type of art". Nevertheless an exciting and vibrant exposition that kicks your adrenaline if you get into it.

A Tomato Head worth 4.75 Millions

One of the works that probably stands out the most is Hauser & Wirth's Gallery -

"Tomato Head" (1994) from Paul McCarthy. This exclusive piece has been sold at 4.75 Millions to a private American collection.

Paul McCarthy, Tomato Head (1994)

My favorites from this year's Art Unlimited

Front: Sol LeWitt, Irregular Tower (1999)

Wall: Adam Pendleton, A Victim of American Democracy (2016)

Ding yi, Appearance of Crosses (2016)

Tracey Emin, The more of you the more I love you (2016)

Peter Halley, Weak Force (2016)

Jacqueline Humphries, Untitled (2015/16) ultra violet lights

Laura Lima, Ascenseur (2013)

Hans Op de Beeck, The Collector's House (2016)

Gerald Lockenschaub, Bend it - (remodeled) (2016)

Alan Shields, Maze (1981/82)

Chiharu Shiota, Accumulation: Searching for Destination (2014-2016)

Gilberto Zorio, Microfoni (1968)

That was it from my part for Art Basel Unlimited. Stay tuned to read more reviews about the First Choice, Design Miami and selected art works.

Talk soon...

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